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Do you want to find your dream freestyle snowboard deck? will make your dream come true! Check out our offer of equipment for freestyle snowboarding.

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  • Snowboard Burton DIY Throwback


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A lot of time has passed since the unforgettable beginnings of snowboarding. Many new styles were introduced. Also, the equipment have changed a lot. However, the spirit of the riders remained the same through all these years.


What actually is freestyle? Well, anything connected with having fun with your board, learning new tricks and doing things your way can be called freestyle! There are no specific rules as long as you and other riders around simply have fun!


How to choose a good freestyle snowboard deck? Everything depends on your riding style. Variety of freestyle boards might be overwhelming, so you need to figure out what your riding style is. First of all, choose between backcountry and snowparks. Do you prefer perfecting your trick in the half-pipe or do you prefer backcountry tree lines? Your riding style will decide what sort of characteristics your dream snowboard deck should feature.


Freestyle boards can be either true twin or directional twin and usually have a softer flex rating than freeride boards. But still, they vary - for practicing tricks at snowparks the better choice will be stiffer freestyle deck while mellow ones are rather destined for those leaving snowparks gates often.


The proper length for a freestyle board you want to choose is approximately between your chin and nose height. Besides, before you finally buy your snowboard, check that your weight is within the weight range stated for the specific model. Boot size also plays a big part in deciding the final width of your snowboard.

Freestyle boards are generally very playful and forgiving. Have you chosen yours yet? If not, check the offer at! See you on the slope!