Lange is one of the main players in the ski boots industry. They design also bags and accessories practical for all winter sports enthusiasts. Are you familiar with this brand?

In 1963, everything has its beginning. Bob Lange was the first to make the ski boot out of fiberglass. Since that time, the leather and laces disappeared and are no longer popular on the slopes. Innovation and improved performance became the main goals for the brand. We can't deny, the Lange brand makes the ski boots industry standards rise higher and higher.

Lange ski boots collections offer the advanced mobility, lightness, power and precision. The brand is very long on the market and they really know what customers will demand.

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Every ski boot needs to fit perfectly the foot of the user. And that is exactly what the brand is offering: an array of different ski boots for both men and women in many models and sizes.  


Lange reasonably claims that ski boot is the most important piece of equipment a skier can own. Why? The ski boot needs to provide comfort and at the same time - the control. The reason for this is in the fact that ski boot drives all skier movement and energy into the ski and simultaneously transmits the ski’s behavior to the skier. We can say that ski boot is a medium which decides if skier and his skis will get along with each other. Lange technicians know it well!


Lange has many lines of their professional ski boots, for example, Lange XT line for freeride and free touring, RP and RS lines for racing, RX and SX standing for all-mountain models, and a big range of ski boots for kids: RXJ, RSJ and Starlet. Have you chosen your Lange ski boots yet? Check the offer at!