Looking for the perfect pair of ski boots, snowboard boots, touring ski boots? Or maybe for warm and professional winter snow boots and outdoor shoes? In  online shop we have what you need: for women, men, and juniors!


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  • Ski Boots Nordica Pro Machine 115 Woman black / blue

    Regular Price: CHF649.00

    Special Price CHF549.00

  • Skiboots Lange SX80 Woman anthracite / magenta

    Regular Price: CHF439.00

    Special Price CHF399.00

  • Ski boots Lange SX120 black / green

    Regular Price: CHF489.00

    Special Price CHF419.00

  • Ski boots Lange RX110 L.V Woman black / coral

    Regular Price: CHF539.00

    Special Price CHF485.00

  • Skiboots Head Nexo LYT 130 anthracite / yellow

  • Ski boots Head Nexo LYT 100 Woman anthracite / purple

    Regular Price: CHF540.00

    Special Price CHF440.00

  • Ski boots Head Kore 1 antracite

    Regular Price: CHF760.00

    Special Price CHF615.00

  • Ski boots Head Advant Edge 95 Woman anthracite / black

    Regular Price: CHF380.00

    Special Price CHF310.00

  • Ski boots Head Advant Edge 105 anthracite / black

    Regular Price: CHF380.00

    Special Price CHF310.00

  • Skiboots Dalbello DS 120 black / orange

    Regular Price: CHF529.00

    Special Price CHF390.00

  • Skiboots Dalbello Woman DS AX 100 white / polar white

    Regular Price: CHF399.00

    Special Price CHF349.00

  • Ski boots Dahu Joe & Jane

    Regular Price: CHF559.00

    Special Price CHF280.00

  • Ski boots Nordica Speedmachine 120 black/ white / green

    Regular Price: CHF499.00

    Special Price CHF439.00

  • Skiboots Nordica Speedmachine 105 Woman black / white / fucsia

    Regular Price: CHF499.00

    Special Price CHF439.00

  • Telemark ski boots Scott Voodoo NTN

    Regular Price: CHF659.00

    Special Price CHF589.00

Items 1 to 15 of 25 total

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Why is it so important to choose good-quality boots? Having a good pair of boots is as important as having a good snowboard or skis!

First of all, we need to focus on durability and warmth they give. The last thing you want during winter is a wet sock. For sure you have experienced that before and you know it can simply turn an entire day outside into a big disaster! Besides, it can finish very badly! If you don't want to arrange appointments in doctor's office, you'd better buy good boots! :)

Second of all, boots are supposed to protect your feet from any harm. When it comes to outdoor shoes, you want to make sure you will not be able to feel uneven surfaces under your feet. Ski or snowboard boots, on the other hand, are supposed to stiff your feet and ankles to protect them from any injury. That is why for every winter sport there are different custom boots provided. Back in the past, people had no idea what boots they should wear, sometimes they wore too loose ones, sometimes too stiff ones. If you analyze the history of snowboarding, you will notice that snowboarding was not so chilled out at the beginning! If the boots are too stiff, the rider will be stiff too!

In our online shop,, you will find many models of boots designed to satisfy needs of all users. We offer the newest trends of the upcoming season to guarantee the buyer the best technical solutions and, of course, modern look!

On our website, you will find snowboard boots and ski boots for women, men and kids. We know that your needs may change over the time. Children grow, adults gain new skills and want to change their equipment into more advanced one. That is normal! That is why our online shop offers you products at really low prices. You will find there many sales and bargains that may surprise you! You are no longer obligated to spend a fortune on professional products. Good quality boots should be available for everyone since they change an entire skiing or snowboarding game.

Even though you may not be into winter sports - if you still look for warm and durable boots for mountain wandering, check the "Outdoor" section for a wide choice of winter boots. You may choose from many models, colors, sizes - adjusting the product to your preferences.