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When the mountains are covered with a fresh coat of snow, a handy pair of freeride skis is a must-have! At, you will find all kind of quality equipment for freeriding!

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  • Your freeride ski: super responsive and super versatile. Learn More

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    Your freeride ski: super responsive and super versatile. Learn More

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Freeride skis, thanks to their wide-waisted widths, longer lengths and rocker profiles, will perform brilliantly on off-piste routes. They were created for skiers who have already gained the basic experience at skiing.


Lately, there has been an explosion in ski design. It has, in turn, revolutionized the freeride skis, which are created to use in soft snow conditions. Whichever way you like to ride the powder - with directional or twin tipped freeride skis - we have an exact product that will satisfy you.


Because of their purpose, freeride skis are wider than most of other models. You can go for the widest skis in order to get the maximum of the float. You can also go for something a little bit narrower if you want to add more versatility to your model.

It is said that freeride skis should have a waist width of 100 mm or more. Often, they have a degree of taper in the tip and tail of the ski and also a longer sidecut. It all gives you a larger surface area for floating on the top of the powder. Freeride skis are usually less dynamic on hard, groomed pistes because they are very wide. They were definitely designed for backcountry skiing, so if you are looking for skis that will be good for on-piste as well as for off-piste skiing, you'd rather choose a wide-waisted all-mountain model.


Freeride skis more and more often feature tapered tips and tails. It’s a perfect combination of ski shape and rocker. It definitely helps the wider ski to have a solid grip and good float. What are the benefits of tapered tips or tails? This construction brings the widest point to the center of the ski to provide a couple of functions. First of all, the taper is able to shorten the sidecut. It means that even a very wide ski is easy to turn on the piste. Second of all, due to less material used at the tail, the entire ski is lighter too and sinks into the snow more than the rest of the ski. Hence, it can provide reliable tracking at the tip.


Freeriding is much more surprising and exciting than carving the predictable routes carefully prepared by ski resorts. offers the wide range of freeride ski models so you can choose the one that suits you the best.