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Looking for the skis that can take on conditions from hardpack to powder? Search for the best quality all-mountain skis!


Why all-mountain skis became the bestselling type of skis? Mostly because they will perform well on any surface conditions.


Narrow-waisted skis are perfect for ice conditions and groomers while wide-waisted skis tend to be designed for heavier powder - they are able to get on top of the snow instead of sinking down into it.

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However, all-mountain skis are neither too wide nor too narrow, so they will deal with any conditions. They perform surprisingly well on almost any terrain, from a groomed slope to a very heavy powder.


Usually, we don’t buy skies just for one season so if you are planning to buy your first skis, you would probably choose all-mountain. They are the perfect choice for beginners - they help with feeling more confident on the slope. Why?


Too wide skis will make turning too difficult and may feel dull on the nicely groomed slope. Whereas too narrow ones, created mainly for racing, might make you feel unstable and might have too little grip for a skiing newbie. Fortunately, all-mountain skis fall just right in between: they allow learning new skills without gaining too big speed.


Moreover, all-mountains are chosen not only by beginners. Advanced skiers love them because they allow both on-piste and off-piste skiing. All-mountain is a versatile ski that fulfills all your needs. You can enjoy your carving routine on a carefully prepared ski trail, or, when the first snow falls down, head right into the backcountry glide through that powder.


All-mountain skis are produced by the different brands such as Dynastar, Movement, Rossignol, Scott. They are available for men, women and kids either with a pre-mounted binding or flat. Search for the skis that suit you the most!