Wear a helmet and ski safely!

Many people jib at wearing helmets! They think they will look unprofessional in it, or simply like a terrified beginner, who is sure that he will die during his first ride. But that's such a big mistake!

Even if you are a safe rider, you can't say that others will behave reasonably while on a slope.

Not only are helmets comfortable to wear while riding, they can prevent head injuries or even save your life! Learn more about them to choose a perfect one for you.

Helmets for skiing and snowboarding are designed for cold weather. They were created to keep your head warm and comfortable, to work with goggles and to protect you. Remember - a good helmet need to be certified! They can have features like removable liners - you can go from winter to summer with such an ease.

This guide will teach you how to size and choose the right helmet for you.

1. Measure your head - take a soft measuring tape, wrap it around your head about 1 inch above your eyebrows and ears. Measure in centimeters -and here you have your head size!

2. Try it on - make sure there is no excess space between the helmet and your head. Pay attention to any pressure or pain points.

3. Shake your head around! If it moves on its own, it’s too big. Use your hand to move the it to the left and right, up and down. Why? The skin of your head should move together with the helmet.

4. Keep it for a while on your head - you should be feeling comfortable enough to wear it an entire day n the slope!

Please, note: wearing a too big helmet may be even more dangerous than not wearing it at all! This is an important issue while buying a helmet for your kid - do not leave any room to grow! In such a case, you may consider an adjustable fit system to help you fit the helmet perfectly.

Now you are ready to buy a helmet adjusted to your needs.

You just need to choose a style and color...which may be more tricky than you think :). Remember - safety first!

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