Gloves for skiing - comparison of materials

To compare gloves and mittens materials, you need to start with understanding the way they are designed and created. Basically, you can say that ski gloves are made from two parts - shell and membrane. Let's discuss what kind of materials are used to make both these parts.


A major part of ski and snowboard gloves and mittens, that are in stock, start with a body of the synthetic fabric (usually nylon). The waterproof and breathable fabric is used in high-quality models. These fabrics come in both hard and softshell versions - and both are used for gloves and mittens. Generally, they can be combined with leather or synthetic protective materials in areas of high abrasion (e.g. the palms and fingers). Old-school, tried-and-true material is leather. Such models are usually more expensive, the leather comes from cowhide or goatskin. It is considered as a better material than nylon shell because leather can be more durable and pliable. What's more, it is naturally water-resistant. When maintained properly, these gloves can last for years.


Moving from the inner part of your gloves, we will focus on membranes. You need to agree that wet hands quickly become cold hands. What might be misleading, most of the people think that the only reason that your glove becomes wet only because of outer factors. That's not true - the biggest cause of wet glove is actually your own perspiration and following - lack of breathability from the inside of the glove. That is why the membrane was introduced. It has microscopic pores too small to let liquid water enter the glove, but at the same time - large enough to allow water vapor to escape.

Here are some of the most common membranes:


Knowing some details about materials that ski gloves and mittens are made of, you are ready to buy your own pair. Now you know what to ask for a shop assistant. The only problem that you still need to face is a color of your gloves, but we are sure you will manage with that :). Have a nice time on the slope!

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