How to learn skiing?

Have you ever tried skiing? If not, the idea of running down the slopes among other people and in the cold weather may seem insane to you. But once you've started, you can't stop! It's an addictive sport!

Equipment for skiing

Nevertheless, you need a proper start if you want to enjoy skiing to the full. What you will need is a specific equipment and warm clothes (this article considers this subject).

Since you are starting your skiing journey, it is recommended to rent the equipment instead of buying it. Why so? In general, beginners should rent the equipment, as their needs will change as they improve. A professional ski tuner will choose skis that will be adjusted perfectly for you.

Eventually, once you are skiing a lot and know what you want, you can buy your own skis, boots and poles.

On the slope

While on a slope, try to find a flat surface. That's the best place to start with. Get the feel of the skis by slowly walking around having knees slightly bent. Try sliding one ski ahead of the other.
Avoid the temptation to lean backward. Once you feel more comfortable, choose a gentle slope. You will probably find there a rope tow or a "magic carpet" that will get you on the top of the hill. Keep your skis straight while you are heading up.

When you reach the top, position your skis so they are facing across the slope of the hill, not down it! Try practicing the snowplow (or wedge) position. With the knees slightly bent, bring the tips of your skis together, tails - apart.

Then, you can try pointing your skis down the hill. Come back to wedge position if you want to slow down a little.

If you fall - and for sure you will! - get up with your skis facing across the slope.

Once you get more and more comfortable, you are ready to start turning - simply shift your weight onto the ski opposite the direction you want to turn. To avoid coming to the stop, turn the one direction, then the other.

Also, practice slowing down and stopping. Slow down widening the wedge position, to stop - initiate a turn and follow through until your skis are facing across the slope. You will naturally come to a stop.

If you ever feel out of control, it is better to squat down and fall on your side instead of running into another skier or an object.

Even though there are many tutorials on the Internet according to skiing, consider taking few lessons. That's the fastest and the most efficient way to learn skiing.

Are you going to start skiing this year? We hope so! There are many ski resorts worth visiting. Don't miss the opportunity spending great winter holidays with your whole family :)

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