Gloves vs. Mittens - skiing guide

If you've never been skiing before, that is natural that you may have some problems while choosing proper accessories that you will need. Of course, the most important are safety issues - the quality of your skis, boots, poles, helmet... but what about those little things, for example, gloves or mittens?

This is not that easy decision. Such a small thing, if not chosen wisely, may turn your entire day on the slope into a terrible experience. Gloves, which were specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding, have the dryness, warmth, and features necessary for an entire day in the mountains. The following guide will help you understand the difference between materials that make up each part of the glove. We will explain some features that you may want to consider before buying your first ski gloves.

Do you like the comfortable way you can move your fingers while wearing gloves? Or do you prefer the warmth that mittens can offer?

There are gloves and mitts for all conditions and occasions. Manufacturers usually design both gloves and mittens with the same basic construction and materials.

Mittens were created to provide more warmth. Why? That is easy to explain - your fingers will share one compartment and generate more heat that way. In a glove, your fingers are separated which makes them feel less warm on a hand. Unfortunately, although mittens are so comfy, they limit mobility in certain circumstances. They may also have to be removed to answer your phone, access your pockets or adjust your goggle strap while on the slopes. That's annoying, isn't it?

On the other hand, gloves can give you a feeling of having more control with poles in your hand. However, they will not provide as much warmth.

You can also find 3-finger hybrids that fall between gloves and mittens. Sometimes they are called "lobster mitts". Is it a "win-win" solution? The decision belongs to you :).

Mittens were once considered the sign of a gaper, but it's not true at all. It just depends on person's preferences. Even some elite level athletes (e.g. Bode Miller) prefer them just because of comfort reasons.

Both gloves and mittens are made up of several components that help keep you protected, dry, and warm. These are the shell material, membrane, insulation, lining, and palm. You can learn more about it from this article.

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