If you are looking for a perfect climbing skins for your skis, you've found the proper online shop. At we offer the best solution for all enthusiasts of backcountry skiing: cut your skins sets. How to use them? Adjust the skin to the shape of your ski and cut it with tools included in the set.

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If you are not a fan of skiing on the perfectly groomed slopes and you choose the backcountry skiing, there might be a need to go uphill without a chairlift. Actually, that is the most likely scenario. Then, you’re going to need climbing skins.


In a nutshell: climbing skins are basically two strips that you can attach to the bottom of your skis. They are essential pieces for alpine touring or splitboarding. What is the reason to use them? To help while ascending backcountry slopes.  Ski skins are designed to let the ski slide forward but not backward. Thanks to them you can keep sliding forward without losing progress on a not so easy uphill terrain. They make climbing less tricky, or, in some situations, they are the only solution to make climbing possible at all. After reaching the destination, skins are removed for skiing downhill.


How do skins look like? Typically, they are attached to the skis via a loop on the ski tip and a hook on the tail. What is more, a tacky adhesive is used to make them stick to the base of the ski.


First skins ever made were created with the use of sealskin. The structure of this specific skin allows gaining more traction. Modern skins are not made of real skin, although they kept the name after their forerunners. Nylon, mohair or a combination thereof are the most popular materials for skins - since they easily mimic the structure of sealskin.


The MONTANA Cut your Skins Set, available at, is offered in all varieties of skin and all attachments. They have loops for the skis' tips pre-mounted, so they can be easily adapted to the appropriate length of the skis at the end of the climbing skin. All tools used for cutting your own skins are included in the package. Choose your own set and enjoy your winter holidays!