Do you have an avalanche probe? You need one if you are planning to leave save slopes of the ski resort. Choose a light and durable probe at

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Why do you need an avalanche probe?


We wish there was no need to use it for any other reason than checking the depth of snow. However, the probe was designed to help with finding victims of an avalanche buried under enormous amounts of snow. This simple item may save human lives!


That is why it is really important to buy a high-quality probe and then to always remember to take it with you for every trip to the mountains.


But what qualities should a good probe have?


First of all, it needs to be durable. It must extend quickly, so you can use it immediately after taking it out from your backpack. Most importantly, it can't break from being plunged in over and over again in any type of snow. Material that the probe is made of plays the main role: it can be neither too elastic nor too stiff - but just perfectly balanced. It can’t also change its properties because of low temperature.


Second of all, the lighter the probe, the better. We hope you'll not use it too often. And that is why you want your probe to be ultralight and furled properly so it doesn't take too much space in your backpack.


However, durability always goes first. You want an equipment that is practical and always ready to use, not only easy to hide in your backpack. Misadventure may happen, hence, you need a good probe to be handy at any time.


On our website, we offer Mammut probes, both separately and in anti-avalanche sets. The Mammut brand designs and produces an avalanche safety equipment for years. You can rely on their experience and statistics that show how many lives their equipment saved. Don't forget to check out the rest of anti-avalanche equipment at shovels, avalanche airbags, beacons and affordable Mammut sets. Always put the safety in the first place!