Lately, an avalanche airbag became one of the most popular anti-avalanche systems. If you like enjoying your trips to the mountains with no companion, consider equipping yourself with an anti-avalanche airbag at

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There is no better feeling in the world than reaching a peak and facing the mountains covered with a thick layer of an untouched snow. Although mountains are majestic, they are also dangerous. If you like skiing, snowboarding or hiking, you can't forget about safety issues.


An anti-avalanche airbag has proved to be one of the most efficient anti-avalanche systems for the time being. Other methods help with finding a buried person, while the airbag prevents a user from being buried!


How does the avalanche airbag work?


During an avalanche, large objects float on the surface, while smaller objects sink to the bottom. Logically, if a victim of an avalanche is able to extend his size and surface, he will not be buried with the moving snow. An avalanche airbag incorporated into a comfortable backpack has a large balloon or balloons that inflate right after pulling a cord. A person wearing this backpack will naturally rise to the surface of the snow.


Is an avalanche airbag really effective?


Of course, the airbag will not protect from every injury that a big amount of heavy snow can cause. However, suffocation is the main reason that causes death during an avalanche. An airbag does not allow you to be buried, so there is a small risk of suffocation. When you go to the mountains alone, you can't be sure of the immediate help of rescue services. In such a case, an airbag is a great solution; it has been shown to work effectively. Studies show that people wearing an inflated airbag during an avalanche accident have 89% chance of survival.


All airbags offered at were tested and certified. You can be sure that this life-saving equipment is worth its price. Make sure if your safety systems work properly before every trip to the mountains. Don't forget to check also other anti-avalanche equipment we offer in our online shop: shovels, probes, beacons and Mammut avalanche sets.