Searching for ski goggles, snowboard goggles or bike goggles? We have what you need! Goggles in different shapes, colors and sizes, for men, women and children are available in 2ski-glisse.ch online shop.

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Goggles come in an astonishing amount of sizes and shapes. It's not surprising that you may wonder which ones to choose. There is a huge variety of different sizes and shapes to choose from - one may fit your face and taste of style better than the others. To make a satisfying decision, it is good to learn some basic technical information about goggles, goggles frames and goggles lenses.

Goggles frames basically have three jobs:

hold your lenses in place,

keep the snow out,

make your face as comfortable as possible while you are skiing or snowboarding.

Any goggle frame should be able to handle properly two factors mentioned from the top. That's why the crucial part we will focus on is to keep you comfortable.  Here are some things to remember about.


A simple way to correctly think about goggle frame sizes is that it often correlates with the size of your helmet. Small size is designed for children, youths and adults with really small faces - usually women. Medium sized frames will fit most people. Large and oversized goggles provide more peripheral vision, however, they do not fit every face or they are not compatible with every helmet. There are also OTG goggles available, which are designed to allow you to wear your prescription eyeglasses under the goggles. This is a much cheaper solution than choosing a goggle with a custom prescription lens.


After choosing the perfect style and size, make sure that foam follows the shape of your face without any pressure points. However, there should be no space between your face and the foam - you don't want the snow and wind flow through your goggles, do you? Goggles have also an adjustable strap, sometimes with a buckle or a clip. You should be able to loosen or tighten the strap so you get the right fit on your head. Remember that wider straps are easier to adjust and tend to stay put much better. If you are going to wear a helmet, your goggles should fit on your face with the strap around it.


When it comes to goggles lenses - their color, quality, shape and price - it all can make customers feel a little bit confused. But don't worry, some basic information will be enough to help you make a decision. There are generally two types of lenses: cylindrical (flat) and spherical lenses. Cylindrical lenses curve horizontally while remaining flat vertically and they have also more affordable price. Spherical lenses, on the other hand, curve both horizontally and vertically, which gives the goggles a bubbled look. Does it change anything? Of course! First of all, they allow you to see more above and below you, as well as to the sides. They have also strategically planned curves to reduce glare. Their shape reduces also a chance of fogging, however, you will pay more for spherical lenses.


You neither want to have a cloudy vision nor to be blinded by sun wearing your new goggles while skiing or snowboarding. That's  why choosing a proper tint or color for your lenses is crucial. And, please, do not choose a certain color just because it matches your jacket better :)

Each color will filter light differently. Because of that, we are offered a bunch of colors - each guarantees unique advantages in certain weather and light conditions. Typical colors for low light lenses are yellow, blue and rose (60-90% VLT). Goggles that come in dark colors of black, grey, and gold, often mirrored (5-20% VLT) keep the light out, they were designed for more sunny days. The amount of light that goggle lenses allow to pass through is called Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and it is expressed in percents (as shown above).

There are also some additional factors that may make goggles more adjusted to some circumstances. Almost all new goggles, even cheap ones, have 100% UV protection. UV intensity increases with altitude, that's why you should always check if UV protection is guaranteed. A mirror coating reflects a greater amount of light than a non-mirrored lens. You also get such a cool look! In stock, you will also find polarised lenses. As a filter of vertical light, polarized lenses cut glare much more effectively than a standard mirrored lens. They also improve visual clarity and provide increased definition and contrast. Thanks to that, they reduce eye fatigue and strain.

Moving to anti-fog coating: it is a hydrophilic chemical treatment to the inside of the lenses which greatly reduces tendency to fog You can also be offered double lenses - they create a thermal barrier that reduces fogging. Photochromic Lenses are cool for any weather conditions. They can automatically adjust to changing light conditions. How? By darkening when exposed to stronger ultraviolet (UV) light or lighting when there is less UV light. They are extremely versatile, however, they don’t adjust instantly - it can take several minutes.


Now you are ready to buy your new goggles adjusted to your needs and preferences, for example mirrored goggles or anti-fog goggles. Check our offer on 2ski-glisse.ch, for sure you will find something perfect for you!