Trying to pick a new backpack? Search for the ideal technical backpack for you - a sports backpack perfect for skiing or cycling. Made with professional materials and with use of membranes, backpacks offered by our online shop guarantee durability, water-resistance and a modern look.

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Technical backpacks are specifically designed for different sports, for example mountain-hiking, skiing, snowboarding or cycling. The newest models offer innovative solutions like better lightweight, water-resistance, aerodynamic shape or more functional packaging space. Thanks to wide and soft straps, holding even a very heavy backpack is comfortable. You are also able to adjust the length of straps to your needs.


Taking everything you will need during the day might be tricky if you are going to hit the slope. Since you're probably planning to be physically active, you will need a handy holder for all your stuff. The backpack is a perfect solution. You can keep all your belongings all the time with you with such a convenience! Besides, remember that backpacks are way safer for your spine than any other type of bag.


Some technical backpacks can be used as a ski or board holder. Other models are more advanced, for instance, a so-called camelback allows the user to drink water from a container placed in a backpack with no need to take the backpack off. In stock you will find also backpacks offering an anti-avalanche systems - they can save a life in case of an avalanche by making a person float on the top of the sliding snow.


All sports backpacks offered by are perfectly balanced to provide you the safest load for your body. No matter if you are planning a summer or a winter activity, you will find a product adjusted to your needs.