If you already have the basic equipment: skis or snowboard deck and comfortable boots adjusted to your needs, now it is time to complete your setup with best quality accessories! What will you need? Helmet, sunglasses, goggles, gloves, ski poles, backpack, snowshoes, anti-avalanche systems, maintenance tools - all of these and more you will find on!

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Starting with safety issues, it is recommended to wear a certificated helmet to prevent any head injuries. offers helmets that are designed and produced with the use of modern technologies based on the newest safety research. Buying such one, you can be sure that the product is professional, durable and will serve for many years.


Do you prefer professional sunglasses or mirrored goggles? Depending on your preferences, you can choose from an incredible variety of sunglasses and goggles with 100% UV protection certificates. Choosing from different tints, technologies, materials and frames you'll be able to buy a product with lenses adjusted to light conditions on the slope.


No matter if you are a fan of gloves or mittens, while buying in online shop you are guaranteed the best quality of materials that a product is made of. Warmth, water resistance, durability and good quality materials - it all defines gloves you are offered in our online shop.


You can't forget also about ski poles, one of the most basic accessories of all skiers. Ski poles, also called ski shafts or simply: sticks, should be adjusted to the type of sport you do and the circumstances you'll be skiing in. On you will find also folding telescopic ski poles, especially useful while ski touring.


A bunch of other useful accessories awaits you at! Make sure to check out all of them!